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Trap Shooting - P2K

The right to bear arms and gun control/safety seem to always be a topic of discussion but go to most cities in the United States and you will find at least one shooting range.  Every range is different with many being strictly indoors but there are a few that offer outdoor ranges as well.  Trap shooting has always grabbed my eye as the sport involves shooting one moving target (sporting clay) with one shot.  The sport is simple……….you either hit the clay or miss completely.  To try my hand (or finger) at this sport, I took my adventure to P2K Range in El Cajon.

Trap Shooting - P2K

Trap Shooting at P2K Range

P2K Range encompasses 14 acres tucked back into the mountainside adjacent to a quarry or gravel yard. With 2 indoor ranges and an outdoor range available, shooters have full access to a wide array of settings for their shooting needs.  Not to mention they have the largest 100-yard indoor range on the west coast.  As you enter P2K Range, the pro shop inside looks very professional with safety being their #1 concern.

Trap Shooting - Safety

Trap Shooting - Certified

Trap Shooting Safety

In order to rent a gun or shoot on the premises, all shooters must have completed their Safety Survey Completion Test.  After you complete the test and answer all the questions correctly, a staff member will issue you with an orange card that certifies you have taken the test and understand P2K’s facility operations and safety rules.  Allow yourself at least 15-20 minutes or more to read through the manual and answer the 15 questions.

Trap Shooting - P2K Range

Trap Shooting – P2K Range

In order to rent any gun at P2K Range, you must have a friend join you.  Because I wanted to shoot trap and needed to rent a shotgun, I had my friend Kris join me on this adventure.  Kris and I both rented a 12-gauge shotgun, bought 2 packs of shells each (25 count per pack) and 2 tickets each for the outdoor range.  Protective eyewear and earplugs are required on all the ranges.  We then proceeded outside to the range where we met a P2K staff member to go over the rules once again.  Only 5 shooters are allowed at one time with each shooter taking 5 shots at each station.  The target is projected into the air once the shooter yells, “PULL”.  After the 5 shots, all shooters move one station to the right to change their view and angle.  

Trap Shooting - P2K Range

Trap Shooting – P2K Range

Kris and I both did 2 rounds on the trap shooting range.  The national average we were told was hitting 4 of 25 sporting clays.  Kris lit up the range on the first round hitting 18 of 25 while I hit 11 of 25.  I did much better on the second round hitting 20 of 25 but by the time this round was complete, my shoulder was a little raw and sore from the kickback of the gun.

After completing 2 rounds of trap shooting on the outdoor range, we decided to try the indoor target range with Kris’s 22-caliber rifle.  After shooting the 12-gauge shotgun, this rifle was a nice change of pace as it was soft on the shoulder but still fun to shoot. The indoor range was extremely clean and allowed plenty of space from back wall to shooting lanes.  Some of San Diego’s Finest were there practicing as well.

I had a great time at P2K Range especially because I have always wanted to do trap shooting and not every range offers this activity.  The staff was very professional and always took the time to help or answer any questions if I was ever in doubt or confused.  Safety is P2K’s #1 concern as is evident through their required safety course but also on all ranges (indoor and outdoor).  Trap shooting was definitely the highlight as it was fun to shoot moving targets and compete with others around you in a fun, safe and professional setting.  I never felt scared or worried something might happen during my time at P2K as all staff and shooters were very aware of their surroundings and demonstrated proper gun safety.  My shoulder was a little sore from 2 rounds on the trap but the pain wore off in a few hours.  I look forward to my next visit to P2K Range for more trap shooting.

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  1. Kevin Kopplin

    Reminds me of burning off steam with that .45 1911 pistol between prelims & finals in Tempe. If you like trap, you’ve got to try sporting clays. It’s more like golf where you walk from station to station to shoot at clay targets in realistic hunting-type flight paths. The first time I tried it, I said I’d never bother to shoot trap again!

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