Tennis (Hard Surface)

Tennis - MIssion Bay High School

As we lean towards the end of August and into the month September, one of the great sporting attractions that draws a lot of attention by many is the US Open in Flushing Meadows.  Drawing inspiration from the glory and prestige that comes with tennis and the US Open, I took my tennis talents to the courts of Mission Bay High School.

Tennis - MIssion Bay High School Public

Mission Bay High School is open to the public during center hours of the day and offers 6 different courts to choose from.  The condition of the courts is average at best but provides any tennis player the opportunity to challenge someone else or a friend to a match.  First come first serve is the unwritten policy.

Tennis Public - MIssion Bay High School

Tennis is one of those sports where you obviously need a hitting partner in order to play.  I was fortunate to have my friend Nick join me on this great evening as we took center stage at championship court for a little battle royal and of course some fun exercise.

Tennis - MIssion Bay High School Public

Eye hand coordination is key in this sport and so is footwork.  Fortunately Nick and I are about the same skill level when it comes to tennis (being average) so it made for a fun filled evening of laughs and hits.  Even if we were just hitting big meatballs across the net, we managed some great rallies but only ended up having a few times where “Deuce” was met.  We played 2 sets (first one to 6 wins) and ended up calling it a day after some great laughs and splitting the sets 1-1.

I always enjoy playing tennis and feel it is a great social / competitive game for people of all ages.  It doesn’t matter the skill level as long as you hit with someone of equal ability.  Doubles tennis is one of my all-time favorite activities to do but is generally difficult finding 4 people who are all free at the same time.

Mission Bay High School is my choice for tennis courts due to proximity but there are many others throughout the county that are free as well.  If you are looking for a more professional setting or pairing up with other singles for tennis, I would recommend Barnes Tennis Center or the Balboa Tennis Club near Morley Field.  These clubs provide court reservation and are better taken care of but do require a fee.  In terms of equipment, Sport Chalet has a decent selection of rackets to choose from or try Rays Tennis for a more local personal experience.


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