Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

There are many new growing activities throughout San Diego County but perhaps none more popular in the last few years than stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  These stand up paddle boards can be seen in our bays, lakes, lagoons and of course out in the ocean.  Looking to capitalize on the beautiful day, my friend and I decided to head out to our local favorite spot by Scripps Pier.

Stand Up Paddle - Scripps Pier

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Scripps Pier

After parking the car and carrying this large 11’ stand up paddle board down to the beach, I decided to give my arms a little rest and do some light stretching.  The day was perfect and the water (although a bit cold) was clear and blue.  With a south swell building, attracting surfers to many other local south facing beaches, the ocean remained empty with the exception of a few open water swimmers.

Stand Up Paddle - Around Scripps Pier

Stand Up Paddle - Around Scripps Pier

Stand Up Paddle – Around Scripps Pier

We paddled out around Scripps Pier for a little warm up and enjoyed the seals swimming by and the jellyfish floating in the water.  My favorite part of stand up paddle boarding is the elevated perspective of the ocean and the ability to be so silent as not to interrupt or scare too much of the wildlife in the ocean.  On really clear days with not too much swell, one can generally spot any of the following in the Shores / Scripps area: rays, jellyfish, leopard sharks, seals and other fish.

Stand Up Paddle - Scripps Pier

Stand Up Paddle - Scripps Pier

Stand Up Paddle – Scripps Pier

For those of you that have tried stand up paddle boarding, you can confirm with me that this is a fully body, core power workout.  Your toes grip to the board while keeping your abs tight to maintain balance as to not fall in the water.  I should also state that doing stand up paddle in a lagoon, lake or bay is a world different from the ocean as strong surges and waves add to the challenge.  In any event, it is always best to keep your eyes on the horizon and continue moving to maintain balance.  As you paddle in the Scripps Pier area though, the views are easy on the eyes at this elevated perspective.

For those new to stand up paddle, there is nothing wrong with paddling on your knees.  I still paddle on my knees from time to time.  Those who have done stand up paddle in bays, harbors, lagoons or lakes should try SUP out in the ocean to get a feel for the power of the ocean and also the added beauty including marine life that comes along with it.

There are many places in La Jolla Shores to rent a stand up paddle (SUP) board if you do not own one or know someone with an extra board.  I would recommend Surf Diva for your board rental.  They generally have a good collection of inventory compared to other businesses in the Shores.

Go have fun and don’t forget while your out in the water to just sit or lie down on your board while the rocking of the waves against the board eases your troubles away.

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