Skydiving - Skydive San Diego

An adventurous activity that seems to fall on a lot of people’s bucket list at some point in their lifetime is skydiving.   The act of jumping out of a decently good plane doesn’t appeal to everyone but for those out there seeking a real adrenaline rush, many argue that there may not be anything that compares.  After careful consideration, I decided I would take my skydiving adventure to the skies in South County and jump with Skydive San Diego

Skydiving - Registration Office

Skydiving – Registration office

When you enter the registration office, the first thing Skydive San Diego makes you do is fill out their form, which includes an extensive release of liability document.  While reviewing and initialing the document, every jumper is required to watch the television screen above, which shows a lawyer describing information about liability form and jumping.

Skydiving - Skydive San Diego

Skydiving - Skydive San Diego

Skydiving – Skydive San Diego

After paying for your tandem skydive, all jumpers proceed outside to meet with their tandem jumper for a brief tutorial and get suited with a harness.  My tandem jumper’s name was Johnny and he described to me what to expect while on the plane, position to be in before jump and how to thrust hips down and bring my feet between his legs during the free fall.

Skydiving- Walk to plane

Skydiving – Walk to plane

When our jump number was called, all jumpers made their way out towards the runway to start their walk towards our plane.  The nice thing about Skydive San Diego is the jump zone is the same as the takeoff area so no chase cars or shuttles are required.

Skydiving Certificate

After completing the jump and landing successfully on the ground, Skydive San Diego furnished me with a skydive certificate.  The certificate stated I exited the aircraft at 13,000 feet and reached speeds of up to 120 mph before deploying the parachute.

My jump at Skydive San Diego was a memory I will have forever, as I do not jump out of many airplanes.  The staff was friendly and the other jumpers in the plane that went up with me were great and filled with energy.  I felt very comfortable with all the equipment as well, which is a must whenever you are going to go skydiving.  The views of Otay Reservoir, Eastlake, Otay Mesa and Mexico were spectacular while falling and parachuting back down to Skydive San Diego.  If skydiving is on your bucket list, I recommend you give Skydive San Diego the opportunity for this thrilling adventure.

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