San Diego Fair

San Diego Fair

Every year it is estimated that around 1.5 million people visit the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  This year’s theme is “Game On” so when my sister invited me to join her and my three nieces to join them with a day at the fair, I kindly replied, “game on”.

San Diego Fair Animals

San Diego Fair Animal Exhibits

The San Diego Fair has so much to offer to so many different age groups and many who visit like to see all the different kinds of animals on display.  We decided to visit the animals first before getting to all the interesting fair food and rides.

San Diego Fair - Bacon Theme

San Diego Fair Food

San Diego Fair Food

It’s hard to walk around the San Diego Fair and not have a wandering eye at all the unusual food items on display.  Bacon seems to always be a popular food item at the fair and this year was no exception.  We tried many different foods (most of which were deep fried) including: fried cheese, fried avocados, waffle dogs, corn dogs, fried zucchini, fried cookie dough, fried oreos and bacon wrapped pickles.  I couldn’t remember the last time I tried that much-fried food but we’re all human, curious and a little sick.  My favorite was the waffle dog with syrup.  Albertsons does have a stand close by with fresh fruit, veggies and other items for those needing more healthy type foods. 

San Diego Fair - Pony Ride

San Diego Fair Pony Ride

The San Diego Fair offers many great rides and games for kids in the kids section (infield of Del Mar Fairgrounds).  We rode hot air balloons, motorcycles, swings, canoes and the carousel of course.  After spending a couple hours in this section, they decided it was time to go for a ride on a Pony.  All my nieces had a blast riding their Pony including my 9-month-old niece. 

San Diego Fair - Sling Shot

San Diego Fair – Sling Shot Ride

Seeing a little need for adult adventure while at the San Diego Fair, my sister and I headed over to the “Sling Shot”.  I’ve always seen this ride at many fairs and always wanted to experience this ride.  The Sling Shot was an absolute blast and even more fun experiencing the rush with my sister on board.  We ended up riding it twice.

The San Diego Fair is a blast even with the crowds as the crowds offer great people watching.  There is something for every age group and sometimes for us adults it makes us feel like a “kid” again.  Not sure if I’ll make it back this year but glad I got my fill in and had the chance to experience the fair with my nieces.

GAME ON!!!!!!!

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