If your curiosity or wandering eye has lead you here that is because you share a lot of commonalities with many of our other readers:

  1. You are active, adventurous and/or love to travel
  2. You like being informed of what all there is to do in San Diego through the eyes of a real person and their experience
  3. You have done many of these activities listed already and can relate to the writer
  4. You are new to the area or visiting and like reading about all there is to do in San Diego.
  5. Or you’re just sweet………..

Or maybe you just appreciate this site because there seems to be hidden inspiration to motivate yourself to try new things in life.

Our San Diego County playground is home to endless activities for people of all ages and this site is set up to bring a local community together by informing others and visitors of the infinite active adventurous freedoms available to over 3+ million people.

Join our community through our Facebook page to connect with other local San Diegans or visitors.  Write a post, post a comment, share a picture and connect with locals who appreciate helping out and meeting other locals and/or visitors.

We are creatures of routines by habit but change and adventure is what makes life interesting.  Take a chance, be spontaneous and try something new.

The time is now to create and shape  [your name]’s San Diego lifestyle!


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