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One of the fastest growing workouts popular among women and some men is Pilates.  Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, butt and back to name a few.  San Diego is home to many Pilate studios and I decided to take my first Pilates class with the Pilates Room in Mission Gorge/College area. http://goo.gl/maps/meJ35

Pilates Room Studio Layout

Pilates Room Studio Layout

Pilates has many different methods of teaching and one of the popular methods is through a machine called a “Reformer”.  The studio was very simple and had a great layout with about 11-12 Reformer machines evenly separated from one another.  I let our group instructor “Betsy” know that this was my first Pilates class ever.  She stood up with excitement to let me know that this particular class “Reformer Abs and Buns” was going to be a good one.   I thought how bad could this be as I was the only guy in the class with a bunch of fit women.

Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises

Pilates Sample Exercises

As this was a class focused on the abs and buns, I quickly knew within my first 5 minutes that both my abs and buns would be firing afterwards.  Betsy proved to be a great lead instructor demonstrating all the exercises for us to follow and the beats through the speakers certainly helped the time pass.  The Reformer quickly became my archenemy as I tried to push myself to the next level and keep up with the group.  I quickly got that feeling of quitting and did rest at some points but persevered to represent all the men out there.  I have great respect for all Pilate participants as this was a far different kind of workout than I’m used to.

Post Pilates Workout

Pilates Exercise

After the class was over I insisted on a photo to create a picture of human being vs. Reformer with human standing victorious…………..I think?  What you can’t see really is the sweaty mess I’m in as this workout kicked my butt.  There also seemed to be a common theme or position throughout most of the class, which I try to represent above.

Overall I had a great first experience at the Pilates Room and couldn’t be happier with my performance on the Reformer.  The Pilates Room Studio was extremely clean and was mandatory that we cleaned down our Reformer at the end of class (towels and spray provided on site)……………mine needed it for sure.  This particular class focused on abs and buns but I feel like my whole core and spine was being worked on as well.  My only concern about the Reformer machine was I am not sure if it can accommodate someone over 6’1” all that easily as they seem more built for people under 6’0’’.  Being around 6’1”, I felt like I could have used a taller machine if that is even an option.  Pilates Room has multiple locations throughout San Diego and seems to be growing as well with no shortage of classes offered.  Next time I will have to try a different class so I can compare it to the abs and buns workout. 

Pilates Toesox

Pilates Toesox

There was not much gear needed for today’s class.  Workout clothes make it easiest to perform all the exercises but what was mandatory was pilate socks.  These socks provide increase control with a non-slip sole, horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head that offers a visual cue for proper foot alignment and most importantly to ensure a clean surface because where your feet go, your head and hands may soon follow.  I purchased my Toesox on site at the studio and they seemed to offer various colors and sizes for men and women.  Bringing your own towel is also a smart idea as I found myself wiping down my face and forehead multiple times because you will work up a sweat during these classes.

“New Clients Only” All locations trial for $25 instead of advertised $49.   Includes 8 classes.  Promotion Code: adventuresandiego (expires in 2 months from 7/4/13)


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