Paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport

Paragliding is a great adventurous yet peaceful activity that everyone should experience at some point in his or her lifetime.  Lucky for us San Diegans and visitors to this great city, we have one of the best-highlighted settings in Southern California and arguably the world.  The winds were right so I wasted no time and headed up to the Torrey Pines Gliderport where their friendly staff got me all signed up and ready for a paragliding flight.

Paragliding Take Off

Paragliding Takeoff

After signing my life away, I headed down to meet my tandem Pilot (Phil).  Phil got me setup with a harness and helmet then gave me a brief tutorial on safety, how to take off, how I needed to help, where my arms go and how to work myself into the bucket once airborne.  Once all systems were checked, Phil launched the wing in the air and we walked gently off the Cliffside.

Paragliding Torrey Pines

Paragliding Torrey Pines

Paragliding Torrey Pines

The takeoff was extremely mellow and safe with no hiccups along the way.  Phil then caught a few thermals in order to lift us up above the Cliffside even more and of course to pose for a few quick photos.  My job was simple: sit back, relax and enjoy the ride and scenery.

Paragliding Torrey Pines

Paragliding Torrey Pines

Paragliding Torrey Pines South

As we glided our way south along the Torrey Pines Cliffside, it was impossible not to miss the million dollar mansions.  With views of Scripps Pier and La Jolla Cove in the distance along with absolute beautiful weather, it was clear why San Diego is such a desirable city to live in.  Phil let me take the controls a little bit in this area as we went back and forth a few times for me to really feel the power and control of the wing with respect to the brakes.

Paragliding Torrey Pines Golf Course

Paragliding Torrey Pines Golf Course

Paragliding Torrey Pines North

A Torrey flight is not complete unless you head north of the Gliderport along the Cliffside and get an incredible aerial view of the world famous Torrey Pines Golf Course.  It was a view of the course I have never seen before in person as we glided slowly along hole #4 of the South Course with hole #7 of the North Course painted in the distance

Paragliding Torrey Pines

After 20-25 minutes of flight time, it was time to return to our landing area to complete our flight.  Phil gave me a couple tips while in the air on what to do, what to expect and how to help him when we landed.  Everything was perfect on this flight as we landed as soft as a feather on the lush green landing area.  WAY TO GO PHIL!!!

Paragliding is such a great experience and a definite adventure for all enthusiasts out there.  For all non-paragliders out there, all you need is a little time out of your day and trust in human kind in order to experience one of the most peaceful, comfortable and scenic adventures of your life.  I can’t wait to get back to Torrey Pines Gliderport to soak up more of this sport and the beautiful city of San Diego.


There is no gear required for a tandem flight other than comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.  As one is paragliding it can get cool in the air compared to on land so a lightweight jacket may be a good suggestion.  I was very comfortable in shorts, tennis shoes and a windbreaker.  

Paragliding Cafe

After your flight or just for kicks, head over to the Cliffhanger Café which is located high atop the sea cliffs of Torrey Pines.  Visitors and/or Diners are treated to breathtaking views and live entertainment all around them as paragliders and other planes launch right in front of the outdoor dining area making this a unique dining experience.

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