Orange Theory – Interval Training

Orange Theory - Interval Training

Orange Theory – La Jolla, CA

More and more fitness studios seem to be opening up throughout San Diego County and all of them are trying to offer a different experience.  Circuit and Interval training have always been big in heavy cardio concepts and one to recently enter this market in San Diego is Orange Theory in La Jolla

The concept behind Orange Theory is to visually monitor your heart rate in turn displaying the data on large tv screens for all class members to see throughout the studio.  Your heart rate should jump from the green zone, to the orange zone and even into the red zone.  The Orange Zone is the anaerobic level reached where lactic acid is burned and where changes begin to occur in the body.

Orange Theory - Interval Training

Orange Theory – Interval Training

After warming up the system a bit on the treadmill, our instructor Travis got us prepared as we began the workout doing an interval circuit of running/walking and row.  Exercise on the treadmill and row machine were all in .25 mile intervals where it was up to the student to push themselves as far as they wanted to go.  I quickly broke a sweat during this routine that developed quickly into a downpour of racing sweat.

Orange Theory - Interval Training Data

Orange Theory – Interval Training Data

After multiple intervals on the treadmill, row machines, suspension unit systems and free weights, my body was gassed and ready to retire.  The workout was amazing although it incorporated maybe too many stations for my tasting.  It was great to have a visual on not only my own heart rate but others to see how hard they are pushing their body to the limit in the class.  After completing the workout, our results were posted to see how much time was spent in the green, orange and red zones.  Orange Theory’s concept of posting heart rates is great in my opinion because we always seem to be obsessed with numbers whether burning calories or ingesting calories.  Some people will love this and others may hate it.

Orange Theory - Studio Layout

Orange Theory – Studio Layout

I would definitely come back for another workout to Orange Theory.  They do offer free Saturday introductory class, which is what I did to allow guests a chance to explore their style of training.  The studio and equipment was very clean and cared for by staff and members.  The beats coming out of the speakers definitely helped in pushing myself to a level I might not wanna take my body to………but did anyways……….thanks Travis!

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