La Jolla Natural Park

La Jolla Natural Park View

La Jolla Natural Park

Being a La Jolla resident, I’m always down for exploring what’s in my surroundings and how it can benefit me. As of recent, I have gained newfound appreciation for trails whether for hiking or running. I will now let you in on one of favorite spots that not many visit but is a blessed greenbelt in the heart of La Jolla — La Jolla Natural Park.

La Jolla Natural Park - EntranceLa Jolla Natural Park - Entrance

La Jolla Natural Park Entrance

I have been training in this park for the last year or so and feel it is time to share it with so many of you out there. The entrance I use is off Al Bahr Street just passed what I always call the Little Italy Bridge.

La Jolla Natural Park - TrailsLa Jolla Natural Park - Service Road

La Jolla Natural Park Trails

My workout usually consists of running from my house up to the top of the mountain with a little rest break as it is a steep climb. The trails are made of dirt and rock and can be slippery at times. Once at the top, sweeping views of La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Village, Lower and Upper Hermosa all blend into one panoramic shot.  After catching my breath by the new cell tower, I then proceed to complete 3 hill intervals from the bottom to the top (X at the bottom to cell tower). The service road provides a great track for uphill sprints that I descend from 1-3. On average, I always try to be better than 1 minute from bottom to top but my average equates to 56 seconds or so. This uphill sprint will get the legs and lungs pumping but once at the top the views are a peaceful award.

La Jolla Natural Park - View Point BenchLa Jolla Natural Park - Workout Success

La Jolla Natural Park Reward

Once the uphill sprints are completed, I make sure to walk up to the next level where a bench is available to capture all of the view. This resting area is perfect for a picnic or in my case, a sanctuary after a battle with a mountain. Always be sure to take a moment wherever you are to appreciate the fantastic city in which we live in or are visiting.

Good luck and I hope you find this trail as rewarding as I do. This park is just below Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial and I usually buy my running shoes at Road Runner Sports or Movin Shoes in San Diego.

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