Jet Pack Mission Bay

Jet Pack Mission BaySome of you at one point in your lifetime may have often wished that you just had a jetpack so you could fly up on top of that mountain or across a river or bay.  That wish is becoming more and more a reality around areas with water through the use of a water propulsion jetpack.  Mission Bay recently acquired this bizarre adventure with the help of Jet Pack America.  Seeing as I had a bit of male curiosity, I headed down to Jet Pack America in Mission Bay for my first lesson and adventure in this crazy sport.

Jet Pack Mission Bay

Jet Pack Mission Bay

After making an appointment over the telephone, they relayed to me that I needed to arrive one hour before my scheduled flight time to sign paperwork, watch a safety video (10-15 minutes) and complete a practice demonstration.  The staff then fit me with a life jacket  as we walked down to their section of the Bay.  You are then given a helmet that has an earpiece inside so they can instruct you on what to do or what you’re doing wrong (which is often the case).  After getting buckled in and double-checking everything, it was time to march out to the bay and do this thing!

Jet Pack Mission Bay

Jet Pack Mission Bay

Jet Pack Mission Bay

Jet Pack Mission Bay

I’ll be honest, this is a very difficult thing to master and the gurus make it look so easy.  Being your first time, the controls of the throttle are out of your hands as a Jet Pack worker on the Bay controls them remotely.  At first I was disappointed when I heard this but after 30 seconds in the water I was glad all I had to do was steer and move the jet propulsions up n’ down.

My Jet Pack Video Purchased from Jet Pack America

After 5 minutes in, I started to understand more about the mechanics, body position and how just the slightest movement in the handles made a world of difference.  This is definitely a sport where less is more.  If golf is a game of inches, jet packing is a game of millimeters.  Moving the jets to far down or to far back will remove you from the air in no time.  Don’t worry; the landings are fairly soft and not too impactful.

Jet Pack certificate

Jet Pack Certificate

After 15 minutes my adventure was over and to be honest, I was fairly exhausted and ready for land.  Upon completion, I was given my jetpack pilot certificate demonstrating proficiency in multiple areas including; steering and elevation control, walking on water, underwater submarines and more.  I am now certified to assume throttle control on my next adventure with Jet Pack America.

Overall I had a great time on the Jet Pack and with Jet Pack America.  The setting in Mission Bay is great and I was thankful there were not too many people on the bay or hecklers on the beach.  Safety is definitely Jet Pack America’s #1 concern on the water, which gave me (the pilot) more peace of mind as my throttle control was out of my hands.  They supplied all the gear with exception of the wetsuit ($5) if you want to rent one and have many video packages if you want to document your adventure in greater detail.

FYI – This can be a very frustrating activity, as you want to be flying right away but requires a lot of patience and attention so go slow.  Just remember, not many people can say they’ve gone jet packing……………….BE SAFE AND ENJOY!




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  1. Teresa

    Thanks for sharing your video. I’m older and heavier though pretty athletic and tough. Still I think I’ll wait for the next update and keep flying iny dreams. 😉

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