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Rock Climbing - Solid Rock

San Diego is home to many indoor rock climbing gyms and I decided to take my adventure to Solid Rock Gym in Old Town.  Solid Rock has been a part of the adventure community in San Diego for a while and offers 3 different locations: Old Town, Poway and San Marcos.

Rock ClimbingAs this was my first indoor rock climbing experience, I needed to rent shoes, harness and chalk bag and searched for beginner to intermediate routes (5.7 to 5.8).  I got a couple of pointers from some people, tightened my harness, clipped in and set off on my first climb.

Rock ClimbingI made it to the top of this 5.7 climb and had to give the thumbs up.  For all you avid climbers out there, I did follow the color pattern (in this instance it was 5.7 black) but the sweet pose was on rocks that were comfortable.

Bouldering / Rock ClimbingTraversing in the Bouldering area was an adventure at the end as my fingers, hands, forearms and legs were starting to ache.  This activity was nice, as you did not need a partner where in the climbing you needed someone to handle the belay.

Slacklining - Rock Climbing GymSolid Rock also offers slacklining for those interested.  My friend Jeff tossed up a great attempt and balanced himself all the way across on the what seemed like a line a little thicker than dental floss.  This line was definitely not as wide as some other slacklines I have been on.

For those looking to purchase their own rock climbing equipment, San Diego has many local businesses that specialize in rock climbing gear such as Adventure 16 and Nomad Ventures or larger retailers like REI or Sport Chalet.

Rock climbing is a great safe activity for people of all ages.  It requires patience, problem solving, mental toughness, core strength/balance and the desire to reach a goal…………….the top!  Solid Rock’s equipment in my opinion was adequate and I never felt unsafe in their gym environment.  I know some people are indifferent to their rock landing but it didn’t bother me at all.  Overall I had a great time, got some great cross training work out in and am looking forward to rock climbing again.


2 thoughts on “Indoor Rock Climbing

  1. Bridget

    Hey Ben, don’t forget to mention the French school audience that all ran over to watch Jeff make the trek and erupted in applause when he made it. It was hilarious.

    1. Ben Post author

      That was hilarious! There was probably 25 kids looking in. Thought Jeff might buckle under the pressure but he persevered and made it across

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