Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon

San Diego county is home to over 90 public and private golf courses making San Diego a golf destination spot for many and why so many of the leading golf manufacturers are located here as well.  Golf has a huge impact on our local economy drawing many visitors annually to play some of our premier courses.  San Diego is home to the PGA Farmers Insurance Open and has hosted the US Open as well at the famed Torrey Pines.  I decided to set out to play one of my favorite courses, Steele Canyon in Jamul.

Golf Driving Range

We arrived a little early before our tee time so we could take a couple practice swings or “hacks” before teeing off.  Steele Canyon has a nice driving range where one can hit off grass instead of mats.

Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon


Golf Tee Box Views – Steele Canyon

Steele Canyon offers three (3) different 9-hole course and we were fortunate to play Canyon and Ranch.  Canyon is a very difficult course but offers some of the best views in my opinion.  The expansive views on some tee boxes and the overall condition of this course are what make it one of my favorites in the county.

Golf with Rattlesnakes

Golf with Rattlesnakes

As always in desert areas, be mindful of what lurks in the bushes.  We encountered a rattlesnake on the cart path, which was not happy with us but convinced all golfers in our party to not stray into the brush and accept an out of bounds ball.


Golf Refreshments

One of the best things about golfing in my opinion is the ability to enjoy a cold refreshment on the course.  A beer seems to always taste different and always better when golfing.  Maybe it’s the fresh air, the sun beaming on your neck or the fact that you could be doing something far worse than what you’re doing now. 

Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon

Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon – Favorite

Golfing like hiking is a great social activity.  I was fortunate to have my friends Dave, Logan and Paul join me for this outing which provided easy company and of course many laughs with lots of bad shots but some good ones as well by everyone in the group. 

Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon

Golf Tee Box Steele Canyon

Golf Tee Boxes Steele Canyon

The Ranch 9-hole course may play a little easier than the Canyon 9 but it certainly didn’t seem to be all that advantageous to us.  The Ranch offers some spectacular views as well but as the afternoon progressed, the sun got hotter and we were ready to wrap up this round.

Golf is one of my favorite activities to do in San Diego, as there are so many options.  Steele Canyon was in perfect condition but the greens may have been a little dried out as they were extremely fast and didn’t seem to hold all that well.  Riding in a golf cart and walking for 18 holes are worlds apart in terms of overall activity exertion.  Not many courses seem to allow golfers to walk anymore as they are looking to speed the game up but a few still do allow it in San Diego (Steele Canyon does not).  Golf equipment can be found in most pro shops at golf courses but if you are looking for a larger selection, I would recommend one of these retailers that are found in San Diego:  Golf Galaxy, Golf Mart, Golf Smith, Dicks Sporting Goods or Fairway Golf USA.  Golf is a great eye-hand coordination sport and teaches us all about timing but more importantly patience and how to forget (in terms of bad shots).  The game messes with you every way it can but maybe that’s what I love about it. 

Golf Scoreboard

My scorecard from the day.  I usually try to shoot in the high 80’s or low 90’s.  Only one par and a very poor short game all day.  Not very pleased with the round but things could be worse.

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