Electric Indoor Kart Racing

K1 Speed Kart Racing

Many Electric Indoor Kart Racing facilities have opened up in many major metropolitan cities allowing those who “have the need for speed” the opportunity to showcase their talents.  San Diego happens to be one of these cities where this fun activity is offered and I felt the need for speed so brought my adventure to K1 Speed in Carlsbad.  http://goo.gl/maps/e5dZ4

K1 Speed Kart Racing

K1 Speed Racing

Inside K1 Speed Kart Racing

As one walks into this speed kart racing facility your chest fills with excitement, as the track is alive. One hears the music racing through the speakers and you start to froth at the mouth in anticipation of testing your driving skills against others.  The layout of K1 Speed is very well thought out and flows nicely with ease of computer registration and cleanliness all around.  The area even includes some video games and snack bar to entertain clientele as they wait for their names to be called on the loud speaker.

K1 Speed Track Layout

K1 Speed Track Layout

The K1 Speed Kart Racing Track is highlighted above and covers an approximate distance of one-quarter mile. Top speed of karts estimated on track can be up to 40 mph so expect some thrills and nervousness.

k1 speed kart racing flags

k1 speed kart racing helmet

k1 speed racing karts

K1 Speed Kart Racing Safety and Equipment

When your name is called, all individuals meet over by the race entrance to be briefed on the rules of the flags and overall safety.  Everyone then proceeds through the gate and is given a headsock to be worn under your selected helmet which fits your head (4 different sizes for all head types).  The karts are then lined in a row (up to 12 karts per race) as your name is called out with a kart racing number assignment.

k1 speed kart racing track

k1 speed kart racing track

K1 Speed Racing Kart Circuit

When everyone gets settled the race begins.  Things progress slowly and then by the second turn the gas kicks in ten fold.  I was impressed with the overall speed and handling of kart racing.  The karts are extremely responsive and one instantly locks in on the steering wheel with the thought of never letting go.  One should expect anywhere from 10-14 laps during their race time and each lap is electronically monitored by their computer equipment on site.  One is competing against other drivers on a per lap basis and not total runs so all you need is one good lap to place first in your heat.  K1 Speed provides a digital board near start/finish line if a driver wants to casually look up to see where they might currently stand.

k1 speed resultsUpon completion, all drivers return to the kart racing start area and leave the track to receive their computer print out report of their race.  The whole time I was racing all I could think about was Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, “If you ain’t first you’re last.”  My first race I placed 7th but on my second race I came in 3rd.

Having never experienced Electric Indoor Kart Racing, I had no idea what to expect but found the whole adventure quite exhilarating.  My arms and forearms were a little sore afterwards from gripping the steering wheel so tight but totally worth it.  One does need to be a cautious driver out on the track as spinouts or bumping the rails/other cars will take place.  K1 Speed employees do a good job with the flags to inform all drivers of any incidents or spinouts on the track course.  Improvement in time is definitely gained on the turns.  With a full circuit of 12 racers, the track may seem a bit crowded but that’s kart racing and trying to pass people is part of the adventure.  The facility is very kid friendly and even has different karts with settings for younger enthusiasts. K1 Speed also offers great corporate event packages to entertain clients or staff in a fun different manner. I look forward to my future races at K1 Speed and will definitely be shooting for #1 position.

Not much gear is required to race at K1 Speed.  Closed toe shoes are required and they provide everything else from helmet to headsock.  So bring yourself, your driving confidence and your taste for adventure to explore this thrilling experience.

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