Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing - H&M Landing

Deep sea fishing has forever played a major economic role in San Diego whether for business or sport.  Many locals and visitors, who seek the thrill and challenge of deep sea fishing, often migrate to the Point Loma area to try their hand at this sport.  There are many different deep sea fishing charters to choose from while down in the harbor, all offering different day or overnight trips.  After reviewing a couple different companies, I decided to try my luck with H&M Landing on their Premier ½ day charter for my deep sea fishing adventure.

Deep Sea Fishing - H&M Landing

Deep Sea Fishing - H&M Landing Galley

Deep Sea Fishing – Premier Charter Boat

The Premier ½ day charter boat leaves dock at 6:30am, which meant I was to be down there by 5:30am and no later than 6am for check-in. My check-in was completed online the night before which made for a very easy process in the morning.  I received my ticket, California fishing license and rod rental then made my way to the boat.  The Premier was a great charter boat with plenty of room to accommodate a large number of people, staff, 2 bathrooms and a galley (food available on board-like eggs, burritos, burgers, chips, beer, soda, etc.) with decent prices.

Deep Sea Fishing - Live Bait

Deep Sea Fishing - Instruction

Deep Sea Fishing – Bait and Instruction

As people arrived on the boat, everyone was required to check-in once more, pay a bait fee ($2) and if they wanted, enter into the heaviest fish competition ($2).  After accounting for all passengers, the Premier left the Harbor and headed to the live bait area of Point Loma and loaded up with anchovies.  On our way out of San Diego Bay, Brandon instructed everyone on how to bait a hook, how to cast, how to reel in and most importantly signs to look for if a fish is on your hook.  He also let everyone know about seasickness and what to do if you feel queasy.  Their motto on the boat is “Don’t be shy, let if fly.”

Deep Sea Fishing - Squid Bait

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Everyone then let their lines drop over the side hoping to reel in a fish or more importantly the heaviest one.  We mainly fished with anchovies but there were also squid on board as well that I baited to my hook.  Many people were reeling in mainly rockfish and sand bass but I had yet to catch one.  I finally got a sand bass on the hook, brought it to the surface and then lost in the air as I was trying to bring it into the boat……….the joys and frustration of fishing.  Our captain moved us around to few other locations throughout the morning but I ended up getting skunked on this fishing trip.  That’s fishing though, no guarantees.

As with a lot of things in San Diego, you never know what you are going to run in to.  Our boat was rewarded with being able to watch a US Navy submarine come into San Diego harbor.  I’ve been close to submarines before but this particular sub looked especially big out in the deep blue ocean.

Deep Sea Fishing - Filet on Deck

Deep Sea Fishing - Filet on Deck

Deep Sea Fishing – Filet Fish

On our way in, those who caught fish had the option of having the fish fileted on the boat to take home with them.  The seagulls and pelicans loved it and I was just trying to avoid not getting pooped on from above.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing - Premier Charter Boat

Deep Sea Fishing – Harbor Return

We made our way back into Point Loma on what turned out to be a beautiful day in San Diego.  After pulling into the dock, everyone got off the boat and returned their poles back to the office.  Even though I didn’t catch a fish, I still had a great time deep sea fishing.  All passengers were very friendly including the staff which always helped out throughout the day when lines got tangled, hooks needed bait or for just general questions.  H&M Landing was a great company and has been in business since 1935 serving locals and visitors for over 75 years.  I look forward to another chartered fishing adventure with them and hopefully my luck will turn.

Those looking to go on a deep sea fishing adventure will absolutely need a fishing rod, bait and California fishing license.  H&M Landing will provide all of these items if needed but guests are welcome to bring their own equipment or provide proof of fishing license.  The weather was a bit cool in the morning so bring plenty of warmer clothing and a light jacket.  Best of luck to all fishermen and fisherwomen. 

Point Loma Seafoods

Post Deep Sea Fishing – Point Loma Seafoods

For those with an appetite after your deep sea fishing adventure, head next door to Point Loma Seafoods for any of their delicious menu items.

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