Batting Cages – Baseball and Softball

Batting Cages - Stadium Golf

Baseball is said to be America’s favorite past time and happens to fill our sports calendar during the summer months.  Being summertime, I decided it was time to have some fun and take in some hitting practice.  Batting cages are a great way to practice your swing, work on eye hand coordination and just plain fun.  There are multiple batting cages to choose from in San Diego and I decided to try the cages at Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages.

Batting Cages - Stadium Golf

Batting Cages - Pitchers Area

Batting Cages - Stadium Golf

Batting Cages – Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages

The batting cages at Stadium Golf Center offer multiple cages with different speeds, for all baseball and softball enthusiasts.  The 10 baseball cages offer a variety of speeds while the softball cages appear to all be slow pitch.  On the western side of the cages lies a pitchers area for added practice and private lessons in fundamentals.  All cages are marked baseball or softball and contain the speed of pitch as well with safety guidelines.

Batting Cages - Baseball

Batting Cages - Baseball

Batting Cages – Baseball

Seeing as though it has been about 2 years since I’ve swung a bat, my friend (Jeff) and I decided we should start at the 50 mph baseball cage. We both took turns in the cage as one token offers roughly +/- 18 pitches.  Each cage is well marked inside with batter’s boxes and a home plate.  Jeff had brought a wooden bat from home so we could see how different hitting was with a wooden bat compared to aluminum.

After going one token with the wooden bat, I decided I would switch things up and try the aluminum bat.  The aluminum bat was much easier to hit in my opinion and lighter making it easier to swing the bat and get my wrists through.

Batting Cages - Softball

Batting Cages - Softball

Batting Cages – Softball

Going 3 tokens on the 50 mph baseball cage, I decided to test my hitting skills in the slow pitch softball cage.  This is a world of difference coming from the baseball cage as these marshmallows float through the air and land right over the plate.  Slow pitch softball is a very popular league sport in San Diego and these batting cages offer many the opportunity to practice, in order to improve their batting average.

The bat I used was similar to the aluminum bat in the baseball cage but a little smaller.  After the first token, I decided I would try key hitting where I tried to control the direction of the ball and not swing so hard.  I found it was harder than it looks and have great appreciation for hitters who can control the direction of their hit.

Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages offer great practice for all those looking to improve their bat swing.  There happened to be no wait while we were there but in any event, you will want some rest in between rounds in the cages.  It is nice to have the option as well to hit baseballs or softballs, as some prefer one to the other.  Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages provide helmets and bats for those who don’t bring their own.  There is no fee for rental of this equipment, only a driver’s license.  The helmets were ok in my opinion but it may be time for a re-order of helmets as a lot of the padding within the helmets are wearing out.  Batting gloves are up to the hitter but may provide better grip and reduce blisters.

I look forward to taking a couple more swings of the bat at Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages on my next visit.  This complex also offers a great driving range and chipping/putting area for those looking to practice golf as well.  Batting and golfing seem to have a lot of similarities as it all comes down to eye hand coordination, swing and timing.

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